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  • Maximize Profits Effortlessly: Learn proven strategies and techniques to boost your clothing brand's profits without sacrificing excessive time and effort.
  • Value-Based Pricing Strategies: Break free from the low-cost pricing mindset and learn how to price your products based on their value, resulting in increased profit margins.
  • SMS Text Marketing System Ownership: Take control of your marketing efforts with your own SMS text marketing system, enjoying the lowest SMS fees and complete ownership of the system.
  • Email and SMS Automation: Harness the power of automation to nurture your subscriber list into buying customers, saving time while delivering targeted and personalized messages that drive sales.
  • Rapid Brand Growth through Paid Advertising: Learn how to effectively utilize paid advertising to grow your brand, targeting the right audience and channeling potential customers into your automation system for long-term success.
  • Strategic New Product Releases: Master the art of timing and create anticipation among your customer base, leading to increased sales and brand excitement.
  • Long-Term Brand Success: Develop a solid foundation for your clothing brand's sales approach, setting yourself up for sustained growth and profitability in the competitive fashion industry.
  • Lifetime access including ongoing updates.




We'll be answering your questions to help make your journey to profits fast!

What will I accomplish in this program?

This program will NOT teach you everything. Here’s what you will learn:

You Will Accomplish

  • Perfect Just-in-Time Manufacturing: You will have mastered the art of structuring a manufacturing operation that fulfills new orders efficiently, minimizing excess inventory and maximizing cost savings.
  • Strategic New Product Releases: You will understand how to strategically plan and execute new product releases, creating anticipation among your customer base and driving sales for maximum impact.
  • Automated Customer Service: You will have implemented automation techniques to streamline your customer service process, saving time by promptly and efficiently responding to emails and inquiries.
  • Value-Based Pricing Strategies: You will have shifted your pricing mindset from low-cost to value-based pricing, effectively positioning your products to increase profit margins and attract customers who value your brand.
  • SMS Text Marketing System Ownership: You will have set up your own SMS text marketing system, allowing you to take full control of your marketing efforts, choose your phone number, and enjoy the lowest SMS fees.
  • Paid Advertising for Brand Growth: You will have learned how to leverage paid advertising to rapidly grow your brand, effectively targeting the right audience and funneling potential customers into your automation system for long-term success.

You Will NOT Accomplish

  • Setting Up E-commerce Platforms: The program doesn't involve setting up your website or web development skills for building or customizing e-commerce platforms on Shopify.
  • Social Media Influencer Collaborations: While social media is discussed, detailed strategies for collaborating with influencers are beyond the program's scope.
  • Advanced Graphic Design Techniques: While the program may touch upon the importance of a brand's visual identity, it may will not provide an in-depth exploration of advanced graphic design techniques for compelling logos and designs.
  • Branding Aesthetics: The program does not extensively cover the latest trends and aesthetics in clothing brand design. I trust that you already know your brand looks great and people already want it, you just need a sales system that gets people to buy.
  • Overseas Manufacturing: While the program covers manufacturing efficiency, it does not delve deeply into overseas manufacturing. Since the sales system will create a demand in-house manufacturing is more important.

Who’s this program for?

Who Should Enroll

  • Established Clothing Brand Entrepreneurs: Individuals embarking on their journey in the clothing industry, eager to learn and grow.
  • Hat/Heat Press Artisans: Owners proficient in using hat/heat press techniques with vinyl and heat transfers for crafting unique products.
  • Demand-Driven Brand Creators: Visionaries looking to generate demand for their brand through strategic marketing and brand-building.
  • Inventory-Savvy Brands: Clothing businesses aspiring to scale efficiently with minimal inventory, maximizing profits.
  • Learning-Oriented Owners: Entrepreneurs who recognize the need for continuous learning to elevate their brand to the next level.
  • Dedicated and Hardworking Individuals: Owners committed to putting in the effort and time required to achieve lasting success.

Who Should Not Enroll

  • Overseas Manufacturing Relying Owners: Businesses outsourcing all production to overseas manufacturers, missing out on hands-on creativity.
  • Non-Heat Press Users: Individuals without a heat press setup, are unable to leverage vinyl and heat transfers for personalized products.
  • Inventory-First Mentality Owners: Those prioritizing inventory over sales, rather than adopting a lean and efficient business model.
  • Know-It-All Mentality Owners: Entrepreneurs convinced they know everything about the clothing industry, closed to new perspectives.
  • Lackadaisical Work Approach Owners: Individuals unwilling to invest the necessary effort and work required for success.
  • Exclusively Drop Shippers: Those solely relying on dropshipping methods, missing out on the benefits of hands-on creation and quality control.


How exactly does the program help me?

The program provides clothing brand owners with a comprehensive framework and practical strategies to achieve significant improvements in their sales and profitability.

Participants will learn how to structure their manufacturing operations efficiently, execute strategic product releases, automate customer service processes, implement value-based pricing strategies, set up their SMS text marketing system, leverage email and SMS automation to nurture customer relationships, and effectively use paid advertising to fuel brand growth.

In essence, it equips students with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize various aspects of their clothing brand's sales system. It offers actionable insights and step-by-step guidance on streamlining operations, attracting and retaining customers, increasing sales conversions, and ultimately maximizing profits effortlessly.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is tailored for clothing brand owners in Las Vegas, NV, whether experienced entrepreneurs or those launching their brands. It's for individuals seeking to optimize their sales systems, enhance profitability, and establish a strong foundation for their businesses.

What does "just-in-time manufacturing" mean, and how does it benefit my brand?

Just-in-time manufacturing is a strategy focused on producing items precisely when they are needed, minimizing excess inventory. In the program, you'll learn how to implement this strategy to reduce costs, streamline operations, and ensure efficient order fulfillment.

Can this program help me with marketing my clothing brand?

Absolutely. The program covers various marketing aspects, including setting up a personalized SMS text marketing system, utilizing email and SMS automation, and leveraging paid advertising strategies for rapid brand growth.

Will I learn about customer service automation in detail?

Yes, the program provides insights into automating customer service processes, reducing response times, and improving efficiency. You'll discover tools and techniques to enhance customer support while saving time for other critical business activities.

How can I stay updated on changes and additions to the program's content after completion?

You receive notifications of updates via email. You'll also have access to a dedicated portal where you can find the latest materials, ensuring your knowledge remains current and relevant.

Why are you so confident in your program?

Great question! Because I use everything I teach you in my clothing brand business to this day! I created these programs to get you real results/sales and for you to figure out the clothing brand industry without the pitfalls many brands run into.

Can I take this program if I'm new to running a clothing brand have no prior experience?

Absolutely! The program is designed for individuals of all experience levels, including beginners. The content is structured to be accessible and beneficial to those who are new to having a clothing brand/entrepreneurship in the clothing industry.



"Lives up to its promise! The lessons on value-based pricing alone justified the cost of the program. Automating customer service has saved me countless hours. If you want to take your brand to the next level, this is for you!"

Matt F.

"I've taken several programs, but this one stands out. The attention to detail in setting up SMS text marketing was a game-changer for my brand. The content is well-organized, and the clear explanations make complex topics easy to understand."

Ryan W.

"This is a must for anyone serious about their clothing brand. The modules on email automation and paid advertising provided actionable steps that I implemented immediately. My brand has seen tangible results, and I couldn't be happier!"

Robert G.

"I appreciate the depth of coverage in this program. The lessons on just-in-time manufacturing were invaluable for optimizing my operations. The course strikes the perfect balance between theory and practical application."

Jason P.

"Tim is a real one with the advice he gives in the program. Not only does it make you realize why you should have little to no inventory. He gives strategies where you can win with a larger profit margin".

Bobby J. for help.

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