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I'm the proud father of four strong kids—(2 girls 2 boys). Who sparked a transformative journey in my life when I became a dad at the age of 16. Stepping up to the responsibilities of parenthood. I felt the need to provide more than just a job could offer.

My entrepreneurial spirit ignited. During childhood trips to the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas with my mom. It was there that the seed of an idea sprouted: how could I turn this experience into a source of income? That moment marked the beginning of my venture into buying and reselling brands. While juggling jobs, I discovered a passion for the world of streetwear.

Life took an unexpected turn when I became a promoter at the Spice Market Buffet on the Las Vegas Strip. Making good money and causing me to forget about my brand passion. Unfortunately (well maybe it was a good thing), the job ended. A week before the arrival of my second child, it threw me into a financial dilemma. Determined to overcome this setback. I delved into the world of online business, facing many trials and errors. But I knew how to grind. And I learned what so many others overlook - the power is in the details.

Fast forward through years of perseverance and dedication. I successfully launched my first brand, "Like My Snapbacks," specializing in hats. The realization that the potential for success lay in taking my brand online.

I never was a person that wanted to be in the spotlight. I always wanted to be the person in the background making things happen. I understood the importance of meticulous work. A lesson often overlooked by emerging entrepreneurs dazzled by gurus. Without mentors or a roadmap. I spent years testing ideas, making mistakes, and learning hard lessons.

I've since built many brands. And have found the "secret sauce" you can say, to building something that will make money in clothing. I want to empower others to build smart, lean brands of their own. So I've transitioned from focusing only on personal success to a broader vision to help others.

My current brand, Sauce Avenue, has garnered attention, with many seeking guidance. Running a small operation due to past mistakes. I've now streamlined systems that you can easily put into action.

Now, here's the exciting part—I want to share these insights with you! Over the years, I've accumulated valuable knowledge. On building and growing a successful clothing brand. Especially for fellow dads and young men venturing into entrepreneurship. Join me and I'll reveal my blueprint for calculated growth.

You'll gain access to practical tips, and insider information. And a community of like-minded individuals. Let's turn your vision, dreams, or aspirations into reality together! Stay blessed!

-Tim Forrest aka Tim Approved

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