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I've since built many brands. And have found the "secret sauce" you can say, to building something that will make money in clothing. I want to empower others to build smart, lean brands of their own. So I've transitioned from focusing only on personal success to a broader vision to help others.

Sales. Automation. Customers. Evolution. It all starts with U in the middle. That's the S.A.U.C.E!

Discover Why Most Clothing Brands Fail & How To Beat the Odds

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Recognize and understand the prevalent errors that lead clothing brands to fail, allowing you to steer clear of these pitfalls.

Start Here: 7-Figure Suppliers List


Ensure Your Sales Soar: Learn Where to Source, How to Decorate, and Every Supplier Secret for a Thriving Clothing Brand.

Step 1: Hat Profits - $10k+ In 15 Days!


Acquire strategies for scaling your business and establishing a strong foundation for sustained profitability and success.

Accelerate Your Brand's Growth W/ Systems


Gain the strategies and techniques to ignite the growth of your clothing brand and achieve rapid expansion in the competitive fashion industry.

Vegas Clothing Brand Sales System: Maximize Profits Effortlessly!


This program is tailored for clothing brand owners in Las Vegas, NV, seeking to optimize their sales systems, enhance profitability, and establish a strong foundation for their businesses.



This program allows you to partner with my house of brands as a licensee.

This is your ticket to harness the power of a proven, market-tested design.

Book A Call With Me

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If you have a brand you want to grow then let's connect. A 1 on 1 allows me to tailor-make a plan for your clothing brand's growth.

Programs coming soon ....

Extra Sauce: How To Use NIKE To Make More Money 💸💰

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Leverage the existing trust customers place in brands like Nike to enhance the perceived value of your own brand, resulting in increased customer loyalty and more orders.

Step 2: BUILD A Brand That Can't Fail Learn the Secrets

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Master the Art of Brand Creation: You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire product creation process, from concept to market-ready designs, allowing you to create outstanding clothing brand products.

Step 3: Clothing Brand Sales Accelerator, Get More Sales This Week

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Immediate Sales Impact: Start generating sales within the week, providing an instant boost to your revenue.

Step 5: Build A Army of Affiliates For Your Brand

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Learn a streamlined system that enables you to establish a fully functional affiliate program for your brand within just three days.

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